‘The Big Journey’ audio series – part 1

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We are beginning to upload The Big Journey as a series of audio talks. The first one, entitled Charting Our Course is available here as an MP3 – just click on the MP3 icon below:


This audio recording will be the first of around 20 or so taking you right through the Bible.

These audio recordings will supplement the Small Group studies we are beginning to upload here. Though written with small groups in view, they would also, of course, be useable for individual study.

Each study could comfortably be completed in a week’s study. At this pace, in just 4 months your group would go right through the Bible, getting to grips with its big picture and learning about some key themes and doctrines.

Each study consists of:

BAn introduction followed by Bible passages to read and around half a dozen questions to think about. The questions in this series of studies are designed primarily to help you learn about the Bible’s big picture and some key Bible doctrines.

BA Leader’s Guide – this gives guidance in answering each of the questions.

BA study guide, which goes more deeply into the subject area covered by the introduction.

The first Small Group Study, which this audio talk accompanies, is available in PDF form HERE. The Leader’s Guide is available HERE as a PDF document. The accompanying full study guide (it’s 12 pages long and goes into more detail) is available HERE as a PDF document.

‘The Good, the Bad, the New, and the Perfect’ by Bernard Bell

‘The Good, the Bad, the New, and the Perfect’, by Bernard Bell.  A brief overview of the Bible.  Available free online HERE.

Bernard Bell writes: “Psychologists know that a sense of purpose is essential to emo­tional and psychological health. We look for a meta-narrative, an overarching story that makes sense of all of the little stories of our lives. Fragmented by the loose strands of our lives, we yearn for a sense of ending that ties everything together.” 

We can only really make sense of our individual lives in the context of God’s great Story, the Story we read in the Bible.  Bernard Bell brilliantly captures this overarching story in four short studies that combine faithfulness to the Bible’s narrative, spiritual insight and pastoral wisdom.  The studies are entitled ‘This is my Father’s world’,  ‘Adam, where are you?’, ‘Jesus Christ, Son of David, Son of Abraham’, and ‘The end of the beginning’.

Bernard Bell is Pastor of Peninsula Bible Church Cupertino, California.  Other sermons by Bernard Bell are available HERE.