Video series ‘The Journey’

This video series takes us through the Bible story from Genesis to Revelation. We explore the Old Testament story, Jesus’s life, death and resurrection, and the story of the Church from the Day of Pentecost to the present day. Finally, we’ll look at what happens at the end of this age, Jesus’s Second Coming, and the New Heaven and Earth. In particular, we’ll see how Jesus’s life, death, resurrection and ascension is the focus of all history, and the key to God’s plan for us and our world.

A special feature of this series is its use of photographic images and artwork to accompany the audio narrative.

Click on the image below to access these videos. Also available are leader’s guides to aid group discussion, and downloadable MP4 versions of the videos.

This video series would be specially suitable for teaching in home groups and Bible classes.

As well as running the whole series, videos are suitable for use individually or in mini-series. For example:

 The first 9 videos would be suitable for a complete Old Testament course.

 The last 7 videos would be suitable for a complete New Testament course.

 Videos 10-11 (entitled Immanuel, God With Us and The Crossing Point of History) would be suitable for a study on the life of Jesus.

 Video 13 (entitled A New Life in Christ) could be used in a basic study of salvation and new birth.

 Number 14 (entitled God’s New Humanity) could be used in a study of local church life.

 Number 16 (entitled All Things New) could be used as a one-off study of the end times, Jesus’s Second Coming, and heaven and hell.

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