‘God’s Big Picture’ video series by Vaughan Roberts

God’s Big Picture is an excellent free online video course by Vaughan Roberts. It’s based on Roberts’ book by that title, and produced in partnership with Clayton.tv. The course traces the story of the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation to see how it all fits together, telling of God’s wonderful plan to save the world through Jesus Christ. The video above is a trailer for the series.

Each of the 9 units consists of a 10 minute video followed by an hour long Bible study which you could use by yourself, or in such settings as a church home group, one-to-one evangelism or discipleship, or a training course. The entire course is free to view or download HERE, and from Clayton.tv.

Each of the videos is supported by a downloadable PDF containing a talk outline, a Bible study, and leaders’ notes. You can access these directly HERE. There are also tips and hints for running the course HERE.

I briefly review Vaughan Roberts’ book God’s Big Picture, on which the videos are based HERE.

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