‘The Good, the Bad, the New, and the Perfect’ by Bernard Bell

The Good, the Bad, the New, and the Perfect: the History of Redemption is a brief Bible overview by Bernard Bell. It’s available as a PDF for free download HERE.

Bernard Bell writes, “Psychologists know that a sense of purpose is essential to emo­tional and psychological health. We look for a meta-narrative, an overarching story that makes sense of all of the little stories of our lives. Fragmented by the loose strands of our lives, we yearn for a sense of ending that ties everything together.” We can only really make sense of our individual lives in the context of God’s great story, the story we read in the Bible. Bernard Bell captures this overarching story in this booklet, which comprise four short studies (originally sermon transcripts) that combine faithfulness to the Bible’s narrative and spiritual insight. The studies are entitled This is my Father’s world, Adam, where are you? , Jesus Christ, Son of David, Son of Abraham, and The end of the beginning.

Bernard Bell is a pastor of Peninsula Bible Church Cupertino, California.

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