‘He will hold me fast’ – a hymn for this time

Here is a wonderful hymn that speaks comfort and encouragement to us in this difficult time. Ada R. Habershon wrote When I fear my faith will fail in 1906. Matt Merker has revitalised it by adapting the words and writing a new tune. Keith and Kristyn Getty write, “From the first time we heard this song written by Matt Merker, we felt it was a unique jewel that would be a comfort and encouragement to God’s people as we live out faith in these difficult times, whether in suffering, persecution or death.” Kristyn Getty sings it as a solo in the YouTube video above. Below you can hear it sung by the congregation of a Together for the Gospel conference.

You can find more information, including the lyrics and Matt Merker’s story of how he came to write this new version of Ada Habershon’s hymn, HERE.

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