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le Marche – passeggiando in bicicletta © gigi 62 / luigi alesi ~ Flickr (CC BY- 3.0)

The Big Journey is now available in audio from New Life Radio HERE. These audio recordings are in MP3 format. They’re a simplified version of the sixteen PDF pamphlets available on our home page. There are thirty talks, each between 15-20 minutes long. So by listening to just one short talk each day, you could take a journey through the whole Bible in just one month.

2 Replies to “Audio series”

  1. Hi Rob,
    I hope you and Carol are well
    I really enjoyed your series on New Life Radio and am planning to listen to them again!
    Do you have them in file format that I could access via email? I don’t always have access to a browser so this would be really useful!
    Thanks and Kind Regards,

  2. Hi Stephen
    It’s great to hear from you, and glad you’re finding the audio series helpful. The files are in MP3 format and can be downloaded to your ‘phone or computer for offline use. You can right click on the ‘download’ button to the right of each audio message title, then click on ‘Save link as…’. A dialog box appears. At this point, you may want to select another directory to save the files to. Then click on ‘save’ at the bottom right of the dialog box to download the MP3. If for some reason this doesn’t work as expected, please let me know. I could alternatively try emailing the files to you, but they are rather large.
    Hope that you and Lecia and family are all well.
    Every blessing

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