Crossway+ scheme

Crossway have a membership scheme called Crossway+. This is free to join, and offers significant benefits:

 You receive 50% off all ebooks (PDF, epub and mobi) and audiobooks (MP3). For the great majority of Crossway books, if you buy the ebook, you get the book in all three formats―PDF, epub and mobi. And if you want a printed copy, you can print the PDF―this format doesn’t have printing disabled. So I typically buy the ebook and then print the PDF; this gives me all the advantages that the ebook offers (such as searchability), plus a printed copy to read offline. This is a great benefit for those like me who don’t live in the US―it avoids the high cost of mailing the printed book, and the time taken for the book to arrive.

 When you buy a printed book, you get the ebook free.

 You get 30% off 1–9 copies of any printed book, ESV Bible, or pack of tracts. For 10 or more copies, this discount is 40%.

 You get free shipping (within the contiguous United States) on orders of $30 or more.

 You will occasionally receive access to special offers on select Crossway resources via email.

You can read the details of the Crossway+ scheme, and sign up for free membership of the scheme HERE.

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