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The Big Journey’s Small Group studies have now been revised. There are 16 in the series. This series takes you right through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. They will be uploaded here at regular intervals. Though written with small groups in view, they would also, of course, be useable for individual study.

Each study could comfortably be completed in a week’s study. At this pace, in just 4 months your group would go right through the Bible, getting to grips with its big picture and learning about some key themes and doctrines.

Each study consists of:

BAn introduction followed by Bible passages to read and around half a dozen questions to think about. The questions in this series of studies are designed primarily to help you learn about the Bible’s big picture and some key Bible doctrines.

BA Leader’s Guide – this gives guidance in answering each of the questions.

BA study guide, which goes more deeply into the subject area covered by the introduction.

Browse the For Small Groups menu for to read the studies, and download the PDFs as they are uploaded.

2 Responses to Small Group resources

  1. Roy says:

    Have the study guides for studies two through sixteen been published or posted?

    • Hi Roy
      Thanks for your query – yes these have been published as PDFs, but are not yet on the website. I would be very happy to email these to you if you would like that – I have your contact email as it is shown on your query.
      I am also revising the first nine sessions of the Big Journey and republishing it as a new course called Discovering the Old Testament. We are currently running this at our church. Each session has a four-page introduction very similar to those for the Big Journey. Each session also has some full notes. These full notes are shorter and probably, for most people, better than the corresponding studies for the Big Journey (i.e. the ones downloadable from my homepage). At some stage I could make these available too.
      In addition, I am developing an 8-week course called Journey through Bible. Each session will have a 35-minute audio-visual talk, a brief introduction with Bible passages and questions, and a full set of notes (just 12 pages long). It will also have a Leaders’ Guide. So it could be run as an introductory Bible course by anyone.
      Hope this helps

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