Free access to the ESV Study Bible until 31 May 2020

Crossway are now offering free access to their basic subscription plan during the coronoavirus crisis. This free access will be continued until May 31, 2020, and is available to anyone who isn’t currently a subscriber. This plan includes 9 study Bibles, including the ESV Study Bible, which contains more than 20,000 study notes, 80,000 cross-references, 200 charts, and 240 full-colour maps and illustrations. I use the website as my basic online Bible resource. This is a great opportunity to explore this excellent resource free of charge. Read about the free access HERE. Crossway outlines their standard subscriptions HERE.

Another excellent study Bible that’s similar in style, depth and scope to the ESV Study Bible is the NIV Biblical Theology Study Bible, which is also available digitally. You can find more information HERE. The ESV Study Bible and the NIV Biblical Theology Study Bible are, in fact, arguably the best two of the in-depth study Bibles available today.