Special offer from Crossway: ALL ebooks and audiobooks priced at $4.99 through June 30th

This is an offer not to be missed! Crossway are pricing all their ebooks and audiobooks at just $4.99 starting today and continuing through June 30th. This offer is open to members of the Crossway+ scheme. Anyone can join the Crossway+ scheme for free. And the offer is not only for existing members of this scheme―you can join anytime between now and June 30th to take advantage of the offer. The offer also includes pre-orders of ebooks (and, presumably, audiobooks) not yet released. There’s no limit to how many ebooks (and again, presumably, audiobooks) you can purchase.

You can read the details of the Crossway+ scheme, and sign up for free membership of the scheme HERE. When you join the Crossway+ scheme, you will also occasionally receive access to special offers on select Crossway resources via email―and this special offer is one such example.

There is significant benefit to buying ebooks from Crossway that only one other publisher (that I know of) offers. If you buy the ebook, you usually (but not always) get the book in all three formats―PDF, epub and mobi. And the PDFs can be printed―this format doesn’t have printing disabled. So I typically buy the ebook and then print the PDF; this gives me all the advantages that the ebook offers (such as searchability), plus a printed copy to read offline―with the added advantage, of course, that the page numbering of both ebook and printed book match.

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