Small Group version now being developed

‘The Big Journey’ is now being rolled out for use in small groups.  It’s currently being piloted in a men’s discipleship group in a local church.  Each study consists of two parts:

Firstly, there’s a brief introduction, with passages to read and some questions based on those passages.  These questions are discussed in the small group – they’re designed to be open ended and hopefully will spark some lively interaction!

Secondly, there’s the full notes.  These are given to the participants at the end of each session to read at their leisure.  They’re designed to consolidate and supplement the discussion. 

You can find these under the menu item ‘For Small Groups’ at the top of this page.

The leader can use the full notes to help them guide the discussion.  But there’s also some guides being produced specifically designed for leaders.  If anyone would like a copy of these, please contact me at the email address which you’ll find in each of the PDFs.  It’s located in the copyright statement at the beginning of the credits section.

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